Insight on Divorces for Those with Different Citizenship Statuses

The recent high profile dispute over the residency of a couple divorcing has more than a few dual citizens undergoing divorce worried. Australia has relatively egalitarian divorce laws in that it only considers and divides matrimonial property accrued during the course of the relationship, especially in childless marriages.  If you are unsure under which conditions you can apply for a divorce in Australia then keep reading. An Australian marriage, where both parties reside in Australia

Important Issues That You Should Expect To Deal With During The Separation Period

If you are planning to seek a divorce from your partner, one of the major steps that you have to undertake is a separation. This is a 12-month period where you and your spouse get to test out the finality of your marriage in order to show the court that reconciliation is no longer an option. The separation period is often tough because emotions such as hatred, regret, and fear of what the future holds take hold.