Three Ways Family Lawyers Help Minimise the Impact of Divorce on Children

While divorce or separation can be hard on couples, children can find the process to be even harder. It is especially the case when both spouses cannot seem to agree on anything. It explains why empathy is perhaps one of the most critical skills a professional family lawyer must have. Empathy allows a lawyer to consider the potential implications of any decision on each party, including children. This article highlights ways a family lawyer can help minimise the impact of divorce and separation on children.

Encouraging Mediation

When you hire a family lawyer to help with your divorce, do not think they will put your interests ahead of the kids'. Even if you pay them, they are obligated to do what is in a child's best interest. Notably, divorce cases that end up in court might get messy, and the children may suffer emotional and psychological damage. Thus, a family lawyer may encourage mediation before a divorce ends in litigation. Mediation allows partners to iron out their differences and find amicable solutions to issues. The dispute resolution method often results in smooth divorces and minimal stress on children, especially if a qualified mediator oversees the process. Therefore, if your lawyer insists that you try mediation, listen to them for the children's sake even if you doubt the outcome.

Reframing Relationships

The way spouses manage strong emotions during a divorce directly impacts a child's psychological and emotional well-being. Therefore, both parents should learn how to control their actions, verbally and physically, which is where family lawyers come in. Family lawyers can help reframe the relationship between divorcing spouses during the period by setting rules and boundaries. For instance, family lawyers can agree that using children as messengers or informants is a boundary that should never be crossed to protect the kids. If one parent crosses the boundary, a lawyer has no option but to report them to a family court or child services. Divorce proceedings handled within child-centric rules and boundaries go a long way in reducing the impact of separation.

Referral to Divorce Therapist

From spouses who refuse to accept that their marriage is over to those who send private investigators to watch their partners, family lawyers have seen it all. The ripple effect of a divorce can have dire consequences that children must be protected from. Since some family lawyers work closely with divorce psychologists, they can refer you to one if you find it difficult to cope. Most importantly, a divorce therapist can help you remain grounded during a divorce. 

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