Controlling Your Communication Methods During a Separation

The pandemic has changed many aspects of life and, unfortunately, one big casualty may be the art of communication. People are told to remain apart and not to see each other in person if possible, and this may make it quite hard to discuss important matters without confusion. While this may affect everyday life and decisions to an extent, it may certainly have a bearing when two individuals are going through a process of separation. If you're in this unfortunate position, why do you need to be particularly careful when communicating your position in this new world?

When a union breaks down, the two individuals may no longer be able to see eye to eye and feel that separation is the best solution. They will nevertheless need to work out all the details, and this may call for some compromise, but they should always try and avoid litigation wherever possible. Most disputes in this type of situation may be due to poor communication. Where the two individuals are now living apart, they may not be able to come together to discuss things face-to-face, or at the least, this may be more challenging.

Yet people are used to digital communication these days and will always have their cell phone handy. It is so easy to fire off an SMS message, but remember that this type of communication is one-dimensional at best. When you use text messaging, it is difficult to put across the entire message. If you were to speak the same words to the other person, they would be able to pick up on body language, tone and certain nuances and would get a much more complete picture of what you were trying to say. It's very easy to upset the other person without meaning to, and this can only make the situation even more complex.

Try to avoid using your text messenger in these difficult days, and as you try to craft a path forward with your ex. Instead, see if you can use a videoconferencing tool so that the other person can always see and hear you as well. This may help to avoid any significant misunderstandings.

Always work with a legal professional so that you know that you are making progress and not doing anything that may undermine your case. You may not necessarily need to go to a court to get everything resolved, but you will certainly want to look after your best interests as well. For more insight, contact family lawyers.